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Construction of a new Eskom power station – unclear key performance measurements

Murray & RobertsA leading global construction company responsible for the construction of the Medupi power station for Eskom, asked Maestro Performance to help define the process and key measurements of the concrete batching plant. The timely supply of concrete is a vital step in the construction of the plant and has large cost implications if the process is inefficient.

Maestro Performance investigated the batch plant processes concisely and illustrated them simply in two diagrams. The first showed each step of the process, as well as who was responsible for the inputs and outputs of each process step. The second demonstrated the same process flow, but illustrated the success of each step with quantifiable measurements.

By using two diagrams, the batch plant manager was able to easily measure five key performance indicators. He did this daily to ensure the successful running of the plant.

As a result of Maestro Performance’s involvement, the plant manager could focus on running the plant in a clear, concise and efficient manner, improving production capacity and ultimately the timeline for constructing the power station.

“Jane has the unique and rare ability to deconstruct complexity into its simple and understandable component parts. She can straighten out muddled thinking, and put things across in a non-threatening way that makes sense to everybody. Structured and methodical, she has the analytical, design and implementation capability to handle very complex problems, projects or interventions, and most importantly, her style and ability allows her to get the buy-in from the people who have to do the work.”
Rod Burn
Executive: Murray and Roberts


Mentoring sessions - Maestro Performance

For the past 18 months I have been privileged to undergo mentoring sessions with Jane Macgregor of Maestro Performance. I am a Chartered Accountant by profession and found myself managing a software implementation project, thereafter was appointed to information technology director of our local group. The time spent with Jane has aided me through a tremendous learning curve and assisted me through the benefit of her extensive experience being on hand.


Our mentoring sessions have covered the following topics, over and above general business experience, etiquette and strategy:

  • Project management

  • Project cost control

  • Project reporting

  • Defining a new departmental structure and appropriately staffing this structure

  • Development of a departmental strategy in alignment with business strategy

  • Budgeting

  • Risk identification and mitigation

  • Executive committee reporting and presentations

I highly recommend Maestro Performance and Jane Macgregor to any parties concerned with the development and management of talent within their organisation.

Yours faithfully

Gail Ridley
Group Information Technology Director | Africa
Babcock International Group