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Team coaching by Maestro Performance

Often team members are brought together only because of their technical skills. By combining tried-and-tested macro and micro team coaching techniques, Maestro Performance helps your team members understand each other better. Through these reputable team coaching techniques, Maestro Performance then guides your team in achieving their business goals more efficiently. The macro focus assists the team in identifying and creating the most supportive learning environment in which to operate. The micro focus enhances team members' personal awareness and facilitates the building of new and more resourceful individual and team behaviours.

Did you know that Maestro Performance offers a no
obligation introductory team coaching session?

Maestro Performance also uses psychometric and other assessment tools, transforming your team into a high performing, successful, output-driven unit. By including a focus on emotional intelligence coaching trust and learning patterns, teams go through experiential learning and personal reflection activities and define new and improved ways of working for themselves and the team.

Maestro Performance’s coaching services use tried-and-tested methodologies to assist you in achieving growth and success in your personal and professional life.

Benefits of team coaching with Maestro Performance:

  • Improved team performance and focus

  • A greater sense of trust and respect

  • An increase in motivation

  • A clear relationship between your team's daily work and
    your organisation's mission

  • An increase in creative problem-solving

  • The ability to engage in appropriate debate and resolve conflict

The micro view team coaching technique enables your team members to fully understand each other's strengths, beliefs and preferred behaviours. This helps your team to adapt to each other's styles and easily resolve problems and challenges together, thereby optimising the team's overall performance.

The macro view team coaching technique results in each of your team understanding your organisation's business objectives and performance goals, what your organisation's main focus is and how to increase focus, and how to measure and track successes that lead to the growth and profitability of your organisation.

Maestro Performance combines these two team coaching techniques to provide you with a complete team coaching solution.

Learn how to improve your team’s performance
with Maestro Performance’s team coaching services.

Maestro Performance, by offering emotional intelligence coaching as part of their coaching programme, trains you to become a more productive and successful individual in your particular field of expertise, by teaching you the different factors of emotional management and how to use them to your advantage.

How does Maestro Performance’s team coaching differ from team building?

  • Activities are linked to the key goals, opportunities and challenges of the team and the organisation

  • Each team member is encouraged to contribute their uniqueness in a learning environment of safety and a lack of judgement

  • Each team member is required to commit to certain actions and behaviours into the future; they are also equipped with a number of tools to support their on-going growth in meaning and performance

  • Team coaching sessions always end with the formulation of an Action Plan to ensure that learnings and ideas are integrated practically into the workplace.

Why the focus on emotional intelligence?

Emotional intelligence in the workplace (EQ) describes the ability to identify, assess and manage your emotions in all organisational situations.

Emotional intelligence in the workplace offers several benefits:

  • Improves relationships in the workplace

  • Improves conflict resolutions

  • Creates better team work between your colleagues

  • Drastically improves organisational communication

  • Reduces work-related stress

  • Creates stability, continuity and harmony within your organisation

As they participate in the team coaching interventions, individulas improve their:
  • Self-awareness

  • Self-regulation

  • Self-motivation

  • Social awareness

  • Social skills

Why choose team coaching services from Maestro Performance?

Maestro Performance offers potential clients a free introductory team coaching session that will enable you to:

  • Clearly define the changes you would like to achieve in your team, as well as the
    goals you would like to reach

  • Establish whether team coaching is the most suitable intervention for you

  • Evaluate the rapport between the coach and yourself

  • Experience a demonstration of Maestro’s team coaching approach

  • Gain insight into the commitment required during a team coaching programme

  • Define a team coaching programme to suit your organisation's needs

Maestro Performance offers coaching programmes that use proven
methodologies to transform your team.





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