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Career Coaching

Maestro Performance, through the use of insightful career coaching questions, enables you to identify your own insights, solutions and action plans along your career path. Maestro Performance has many years of experience in recruitment, which we have interlinked with our coaching programmes to help people change or refocus their current careers.

Did you know that Maestro Performance offers a no obligation
introductory career coaching session?

When would you engage the services of a Career Coach?

  • During a career crisis, including restructuring, retrenchment, lack of promotion, time of unchallenging/unfulfilling work

  • When you are offered an outplacement programme by an employer

  • Finding yourself in an unsuitable role

  • Transitioning from a technical role into more of a leadership and people management one

  • Reporting to a disagreeable boss

  • Experiencing a dead-end career or career limiting role

  • Feeling a lack of competence in your role

  • Lacking the support of a career sponsor or mentor

  • Experiencing a personal conflict (e.g. victimisation, sexual harassment)

  • Your team and/or company is relocated to a new location that impacts your personal life

  • You are asked to act in a way that is not in sync with your values

Maestro Performance's career coaching services will help you:
  • Become an owner of your career and not a victim

  • Uncover your own strengths, career aspirations and development areas

  • Identify your passions

  • Explore and action alternative career options

  • Progress along a career journey that meets your values and personal aspirations

Our professional, internationally accredited career coaching experts have extensive experience coaching people from small, medium and large organisations in a variety of industries. Maestro Performance's career coaches utilise a proven methodology to assist coachees to evaluate career options and "next steps" in line with their values and the point they find themselves in their careers.

Maestro Performance's career coaching services use the tried-and-tested Career Journey Map (developed by Anthony Youds) to assist you in achieving career growth and success

Career coaching with Maestro Performance can provide you with:

  • A tangible "checklist" of strengths and career achievements to inform your career decisions

  • A clear progressive path to reaching your own personal career goals

  • Objective and experienced advice in choosing the correct career path for you

  • Access to up-to-date information on your chosen career path and alternative options

  • A solid action plan to facilitate you investigating and achieving your career aspirations

  • An approach and mindset that helps you to own and take charge of your career

Not sure if your current career path is the correct one for you?
Contact Maestro Performance for a free career coaching session!

Why choose a career coach from Maestro Performance?

Maestro Performance offers potential coachees a free introductory coaching session that will enable you to:

  • Establish whether career coaching is the most suitable intervention for you

  • Evaluate the rapport created between the coach and yourself

  • Experience a demonstration of Maestro's career coaching approach

Our career coaches have extensive skills and experience

  • More than 15 years' experience in providing clients of various backgrounds with career coaching and advice across multiple career paths and industries

  • Deep insights into career dynamics and progression, gained across numerous executive search and specialised recruitment engagements

  • Ability to integrate the requirements of a specific career option with the highly personal career dreams and aspirations of an individual

  • Ability to draw on meta-coaching techniques and models that enable a coachee to choose career options in line with the true meaning they identify for their career

Through career coaching Maestro Performance will equip you with the key tools required to:

  • Set viable and realistic goals for yourself in your career

  • Identify and implement positive change within your career





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