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Executive Coaching

Maestro Performance's executive/business coaching techniques help the leaders and managers in your organisation to create and enhance their leadership, management abilities and potential. Although these leaders and managers are often established in their roles, executive/business coaching will enable them to reach higher goals and be more successful.

Our team of internationally accredited meta-coaches uses approaches and tools based on psychology and philosophy to help our clients close the gap between their "being" (thinking and feeling) and their doing (saying and doing). 'Meta' means above and beyond our coaches help their coachees to understand the structures that hold many of their beliefs, perceptions and emotions in place. Coachees are then able to identify, create and embed new and more resourceful mindsets and behaviours, to enable them to achieve greater meaning and performance in their organisational and personal lives.

All our executive/business coaches have many years' experience in the business world and work with clients to integrate coaching interventions into their broader leadership and management development programmes.


What is Coaching?

Coaching is...

  • A process that enables Coachees to find their OWN answers to their challenges

  • A Coach facilitates a Coachee's journey to new meanings, new decisions, new actions and new ways of being

  • A Coach facilitates a growth process that both challenges and supports Coachees

  • Coachees develop more resourceful ways to view and respond their world, in line with outcomes that they identify for themselves

Did you know that Maestro Performance offers a no obligation
introductory executive/business coaching session?

Maestro Performance's executive/business coaches help clients to realise new meaning in their lives. As a result, they deliver new levels of performance and develop key leadership and management competencies, such as authenticity, passion, empowerment, creativity, visioning, presence and courage.

Maestro Performance's coaches self-actualisation psychology-based tools to assist you in achieving growth and success in your personal and professional life.

Maestro Performance's executive/business coaching programmes enable coachees to:

  • Identify their leadership and management strengths and weaknesses

  • Maximise current strengths and unleash potential within themselves and within others

  • Create achievable strategies and sustainable action plans

  • Develop the executive leadership and management skills and behaviours that are crucial to their organisations

  • Transform and drive effective organisational cultures that mirror leadership and management behaviours of empowerment, fulfilment and success

  • Enhance career planning and development through the ownership of roles and career opportunities

  • Create a viable work/life balance

  • Identify, assess and manage their emotions in challenging organisational situations by developing their emotional intelligence

Maestro performance teaches you how to achieve your goals and when to actualise them.

Executive/business coaching will benefit your organisation through:

  • Motivating, growing and retaining top performing employees in your organisation

  • Enhanced individual meaning and performance, including the ability of leaders and managers to self-coach, beyond the timeframe of the coaching programmes

  • Enhanced organisational performance, including greater productivity

  • Improved employee morale each employee feels valued and recognised by leaders and managers

  • Improved client and business partner relationships

  • More informed succession planning and the development of key leaders and managers

  • Enhancing the profile and visibility of leaders and managers among key industry stakeholders

  • Continued growth and success across your organisation, during times of change and unexpected challenges

Enable your leaders and managers to think, feel and achieve
success with Maestro Performance's executive/business coaching programmes!

Our coaches participate in continued professional development (CPD) seminars and workshops and continually add new coaching theory and approaches to their coaching "toolkits". We also utilise a number of models from the field of ontological coaching.

Alan Sieler's three ontological domains assist leaders and managers to focus on the critical interrelationship between language, emotions and body (physiology).

Maestro Performance ensures that its client leaders and managers focus on achieving the following benefits:

  • Developing a way of "being" that includes optimising language, emotions and body

  • Using language to communicate with people in the most meaningful, effective and efficient ways

  • Understanding and managing emotions and moods to achieve the levels of emotional intelligence required in the ever changing and highly complex organisational environments of today

  • Exploring and working with body movements, states, breathing and postures to facilitate learning and enhance levels of confidence, presence and influence

Why choose executive/business coaching services from Maestro Performance?

Maestro Performance offers potential coachees a free introductory executive/business coaching session that will enable them to:

  • Clearly define the changes they would like to make in their life, as well as the goals they would like to reach

  • Establish whether executive/business coaching is the most suitable intervention for them

  • Evaluate the rapport between the coach and themselves

  • Experience a demonstration of Maestro's executive/business coaching approach for one of their current challenges or opportunities

  • Gain insight into the commitment required during an executive/business coaching programme

  • Define a coaching programme to suit the organisation's needs, including its integration into relevant leadership and management development programmes

Whether you sign up for executive/business, team, life or career coaching, Maestro Performance will equip you with the key tools required to:

  • Define your leadership and management styles through enhanced ways of "being" and "doing"

  • Create and sustain new behaviours and habits that help you to meet your leadership and management challenges and responsibilities

  • Identify and implement positive changes within your organisation, career or personal life

  • Deal with emotional management effectively

  • Set and attain viable and realistic goals for yourself in your career and/or personal life






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