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Mentoring Programmes

Mentoring programme opportunities, offered by Maestro Performance’s experienced and professional mentoring programme experts, focusses on building your strengths and developing your particular business and personal attributes into extraordinary skills for you to best utilise within your field of expertise.

How a mentorship programme will benefit your organisation

Maestro Performance achieves this revolutionary breakthrough in business mentoring programmes by facilitating the transferring of knowledge from an experienced mentor, to a candidate that is showing leadership and skills potential to grow in a particular field.

The benefits of this are to:

  • Encourage internal candidates to apply for a promotion

  • Create a better and quicker understanding of the new role

  • Increase return on employee investments

  • Reduce staff turnover rate

  • Motivate and engage your most promising employees

  • Develop employee skills and leadership abilities

  • Share internal knowledge and experience between employees

Business mentoring programmes help your organisation ensure that newly promoted employees achieve their potential sooner, rather than later.


Mentorship Expertise from Maestro Performance

With its members having accumulated over 40 years of collective business experience in leading and managing people within a corporate environment, Maestro Performance uses the latest tried-and-tested mentoring methods when compiling your organisational mentorship programme. This is achieved by using up-to-date information that is relevant to your organisation, and follows modern mentoring in the workplace principles.

At Maestro Performance we believe the role of a mentor is to guide and support while allowing you to make your own decisions and carry your own consequences.

What we do

Our  mentorship guidelines

  • Introduce mentoring as a learning relationship that is rooted in modern principles of adult learning

  • Identify key tasks and processes for enhancing the mentoring relationship

  • Provide proven strategies for building a positive relationship with your mentor

  • Identify the special goals and opportunities achievable through business mentoring programmes


  • Successful employees need to need to be in control of their own destiny

  • You learn best when you are involved in identifying, implementing and evaluating your own goals

  • Immediate application is an important motivational tool

  • Our mentors’ life experiences are an important learning resource

  • Personalised interaction with a mentor enriches your learning process

Mentorship Programmes: How it works

The mentoring programme then allows you and your mentor to start building a trusting working relationship through a series of reflective discussions about the mentor’s personal experience and how it can assist you in achieving your goals.

These topics include:

  • Performance
  • Confidence
  • Abilities
  • Knowledge
  • Experience

This allows you to create your own focused action plans to meet pre-determined performance goals.

Your personal mentor is selected through recruiting an external
expert with the relevant experience and knowledge, or structuring an internal mentoring programme, whereby a suitable mentor is selected
from within your organisation.

For more information on how our
business mentoring programme works

Maestro performance's knowledgeable mentors share personal
successes and practical advice

Why choose a mentoring programme through Maestro Performance?

Due to the skills shortage in South Africa, many managers and leaders are promoted to positions with little experience on how to handle their role and its associated responsibilities. South Africans in particular are often faced with a rapidly changing business and political environment within an organisation.

Our business mentoring experts offer leading advice on:

  • Leading and managing large numbers of people

  • Downsizing an organisation

  • Motivating and empowering people to achieve business goals

  • Dismissing employees

  • Growing a business to its full potential

  • Measuring the performance value of an organisation and its business objectives

  • Improving and developing your level of emotional intelligence, to ensure that you lead a balanced and happy life, at work and at home

Maestro Performance’s knowledgeable mentors can also caution you against potential pitfalls and help to instil confidence in running a successful business, especially for those who are new in the role.


Mentoring Programs: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are all mentoring programmes the same?
    There are several ways of facilitating a successful business mentoring programme. Some mentorship programmes comprise of one-on-one communication, while others are customised to suit groups or teams. Different mentoring programmes vary in the benefits that it offers you. At Maestro Performance, we carefully evaluate your unique requirements to create a business mentoring programme that suits your organisation best.

  2. How do I start a mentoring programme in my organisation?
    The best way to start a business mentoring programme is to determine what you want to achieve from the exercise. Once you have your set your business mentoring programme goals, it is time to match you up with the best mentor for the job. This can be achieved through internal recruitment, or searching for an experienced mentor outside of the company. Once the right person has been found for the business mentoring programme, you have to facilitate regular meetings with your mentor in order to make the business mentoring programme sustainable and effective. It is also a good idea to track the progress of your business mentoring programme through the use of performance indicators and goals achieved. At Maestro Performance, we do all of this for you. This ensures that you can devote as much time and commitment to the mentoring programme as you need, without worrying about the details.

  3. How long will a mentoring programme take to complete?
    The length of a business mentoring programme depends on the purpose of the programme, your staff and the goals that have been set. If the mentoring programme is designed to introduce experienced new staff into a role at work, you may only need a mentor for a short time. However, if the your business mentoring programme has been designed to train an existing, inexperienced employee to move into a more senior role, the business mentoring programme will need to run until the employee has achieved the pre-determined goals.






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