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Maestro Performance –
Orchestrating a better South Africa

Giving back to South African communities is something the team at Maestro Performance is passionate about.
That is why we are involved in various social responsibility programmes aimed at personal and skills development
and guiding people to personal fulfilment and career realisation.
  Some of the initiatives we are involved in are:

Amazing Grace Children's Home in Eikenhof
Jane is a board member of this place of safety that houses around 80 children, from ages 6 weeks up to 18 years. She dedicates one afternoon per week to improve its operations and help with fundraising, recruitment and special projects.

Support to a B Comm HR student
Jane and Carol have been mentors to Vincent Dira throughout his three years at the University of the Free State. They help with his studies, teach him life skills and encourage and support him.

Mentors to young black entrepreneurs
The team provide pro bono advice to entrepreneurs on aspects such as financial management, career planning, drawing up of business plans and applying for financial assistance.

Leadership Development Programme of the Knights of Pendragon
This East Rand Rotary Club presents an annual leadership development programme in May, aimed at grade 11 learners from a range of disadvantaged, recently empowered and advantaged schools. For the past five years, Carol and Jane have assisted about 90 learners every year with advice on finding employment. The programme involves role-plays to prepare them for interview situations and assistance to write curriculum vitaes.

Pro bono coaching with NPOs
Carol provides coaching to individuals and employees of specific non-profit organisations (NPOs) on a limited basis.

Pro bono coaching with Heart-Work
This 20-week personal intervention programme has been highly successful in helping the re-integration of ex-prisoners into society. Only 5% of those who complete this programme revert to crime as opposed to the national average of around 80%. They are provided with the skills and support to set up businesses to become self-sufficient and the tools to successfully re-integrate and cope with their challenges.

Career coaching to young first generation graduates
Carol and Jane assist these young undergraduates, mostly from small rural villages, with their studies, arrange work exposure, help find their first jobs and support their integration and adaptation to big city life.

Both Carol and Jane have also previously
been involved in mentoring programmes of the Women in Finance
and Business Women's Association respectively.