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Coaching Services

Executive/business, team, life and career coaching services offered by our coaching experts at Maestro Performance equip you with the personal and team awareness and techniques you need to achieve your goals and aspirations. As emotional intelligence is becoming increasingly important in the workplace, we include this as an integral aspect in our team and business/executive coaching programmes.

What coaching services are you looking for?

Did you know that Maestro Performance offers a no obligation
introductory coaching session?

Maestro Performance uses proven structures and tried-and-tested meta-coaching methodologies to assist you in achieving growth and success in your personal and professional life. Maestro Performance offers a variety of coaching services, including life coaching for individuals, team coaching for organisational teams and groups, executive/business coaching for top management, as well as career coaching for individuals who need to make decisions about their careers.

Axes of Change

Maestro Performance offers coaching programmes that use global meta-coaching models, as well as other coaching approaches, to facilitate the transformation of individuals and teams into resourceful and high performing individuals, with enhanced meaning and results in their lives.


Maestro Performance's coaching approach enables coachees to find their own meaningful and unique solutions to the challenges and obstacles in their lives.

Why choose executive/business, team, life and career coaching services from Maestro Performance?

Maestro Performance offers potential coachees a free introductory coaching session that will enable you to:

  • Clearly define the changes you would like to make in your life, as well as the goals you would like to reach

  • Establish whether executive/business coaching, team coaching, life coaching or career coaching is the most suitable intervention for you

  • Evaluate the rapport created between the coach and yourself

  • Experience a demonstration of Maestro's executive/business, team, life or career coaching approach

  • Gain insight into the commitment required during a coaching programme

  • Define a coaching programme to suit your individual needs or those of your team

Whether you sign up for life coaching, team coaching, executive/business or career coaching, Maestro Performance will equip you with the key tools required to:

  • Set viable and realistic goals for yourself in your career or personal life

  • Identify and implement positive change within your career or personal life





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