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What would you do with R86 400 every day?

November 2010

If you received R86 400 at the start of every day and you had to spend it all that day on yourself and other people, could you? You are not able to accumulate any; the balance goes back to zero at the end of the day. You cannot loan it, it must be spent. Will you waste the money or use it wisely? Will you feel good, spending it all each and every day? Will other people benefit? Will you benefit?

Well, every person in the world does receive 86 400 at the start of every day however, the currency is seconds, not rands! Do you wisely spend every second of the day on yourself and others? Do you hold things over to tomorrow that then never get done? Do you feel good at the end of the day knowing that you have used your time effectively?

Time is an important currency that we sometimes neglect or waste on irrelevant stuff. Use it wisely and you and everyone around you will benefit.